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 Happy New Year!

CDP has been revamping the website and will have online new websites for CDP Technologies as well as CDP Global.

We've been very busy this year with the development of our TorqueDrive engines. Details coming soon

Advanced Technology ECODriveTM CNG/LPG Fuel Systems

CDP is the leading calibration and fuel system engineering company for both CNG and LPG fuel systems. CDP provides engineering services from concept to EPA/CARB certification, with calibration through the OEM engine control system. CDP is experienced in GM and Ford engine management and provides engine controls development services as well.

CDP is pleased to offer BRC FuelMaker® refueling options with any of CDP's ECODriveTM CNG retro-fit systems.

EPA certification for the 2014-2016 Chevrolet Cruze and Chevrolet Sonic 1.4L Turbo and 1.8L Naturally Aspirated ECODriveTM

CDP provides cost effective and robust solutions to the alternative fuel vehicle industry. Complete systems integration from design to EPA and CARB certification, we pick up and perform where other companies fail.

  • CNG and LPG fuel system development, next generation Direct Injection engines
  • Emissions and calibration testing
  • Chassis durability and power testing
  • High performance vehicle tuning and testing
  • One off prototyping of brackets and sub-assemblies
  • Federal drive cycle capability non emissions FTP75, US06, HWFET, SC03 as well  as custom drive cycles
  • Extended load calibration mapping, open loop and speed density
  • Engine Dynamometer prepping and wiring
  • Complete and sought after alternative fuel system design CNG/LPG
  • OBD validation and testing, CARB J1699 reporting and in-use verification
  • CAM/CAD engineering
  • Vehicle instrumentation UEGO/Thermocouples
  • Cylinder and component bracket engineering
  • Engine controls, OEM and Aftermarket e.g. piggyback controls
  • GM E-38, E-78, E-39, E92, E-67 controllers, 1999-2016 Ford
  • SIDI fuel system design, dedicated and Bi-fuel (gasoline DI, CNG port) DI CNG dedicated, DI LPG dedicated and Bi-fuel LPG
  • High Heat dyno testing capabilities now available


Other CDP services include:

  • Easy to install engine wiring packages GM LS engines
  • Plug and play headlight to taillight wire harnesses
  • CNC and CAD engineering capabilities
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Custom engine building**


CDP utilizes the latest in data analytics capturing and reporting. Our data capture system can record 16 channels of thermocouple, OBD and wide band sensor data. CDP has the core technologies needed to provide a stable and dependable CNG/LPG conversion system, with OEM level integration.

Past fuel system design and calibration development work: All NaturalDrive Partners CNG vehicle systems as well as the 2011-2015 GMT610 CNG cargo/passenger vans

** CDP engines are for off-road and racing use. CDP engines are meant for non-pollution controlled motor vehicles. 




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